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The timepiece you are searching for is not currently listed in our database. Please select the brand of your timepiece from the list below. If this a brand that we are currently buying in, we kindly ask you to submit a few more details and one of our expert valuers will be in touch shortly.

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    • How does Pre-Owned work? keyboard_arrow_right

      Enter watch details – find the watch you want to sell and provide some details about your watch. We recommend the easiest way to do this is to search by model number.

      Receive an online valuation* - Online valuations are based on information you give us and are subject to an expert assessment. Although our team will make every effort to reply to you as soon as possible, during very busy periods it can take up to two working days.

      Send your watch to us – If you are happy with the initial valuation*, simply post your watch to us or you can choose to visit one of our showrooms, where one of our sales consultants will be happy to assist you further with the process. Please include or bring two forms of ID, preferably a current passport and driving licence. 

      We are unable to accept delivery by hand at our head office. Should you have any queries or concerns regarding this, please contact our customer experience team on 0800 111 4116.

      Choose payment option – we offer cash payment, gift card & part exchange* (in-store only) options.

    • Why choose Pre-Owned at Watches of Switzerland? keyboard_arrow_right

      With over 90 years of experience in the world of luxury watches, Watches of Switzerland is a brand you can trust when it comes to receiving unrivalled and established expertise in luxury watches. Each Pre-Owned watch comes with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind and undergoes a 5 point check carried out by an experienced watchmaker:

      • Full assessment confirming authenticity
      • Full case & bracelet ultrasonic clean and polish
      • Water resistance test on glass, crown and back seals
      • Diagnostic test of all watch functions involving date, rapid date change, chronograph operations and self-winding
      • Time regulation and full test of power reserve
    • What does the 'Pre Owned Warranty' cover? keyboard_arrow_right

      The warranty covers manufacturing and mechanical defects only. It does not cover:

      • Damage through accident or misuse (including immersion in water outside of manufacturer recommendations).
      • General wear and tear to the watch. This includes the associated bracelet or strap.
      • The life of the battery (if applicable).
      • Theft or loss of the watch.
      • Damage caused by issues with water resistance if the watch has not been tested for this every two years. 

      The following will invalidate the warranty:

      • Modification with aftermarket parts.
      • Work performed outside of a Watches of Switzerland Group Certified Pre-Owned watch centre.

      Any items that require work are to be returned to the nearest Watches of Switzerland Group store to be returned to the Pre-Owned Department. The watch must be sent back with proof of purchase and a completed and dated warranty card.

    • I can't find my watch? keyboard_arrow_right

      The website is constantly being updated and we apologise for any inconvenience experienced. Please click the ‘Can’t find my watch’ link and complete the ‘Unlisted Watch’ form and a member of our team will be in touch.

    • My watch doesn't work, will you still buy it? keyboard_arrow_right

      To obtain an estimate your watch needs to be in working order. Please visit your nearest showroom who can assist in getting your watch back to working order.

    • Is the valuation provided online guaranteed? keyboard_arrow_right

      Assuming the condition and the description of the watch matches the details you have given us. If the details are different following assessment, then a revised, final valuation will be offered to you.

    • Is there a fee for my valuation? keyboard_arrow_right

      There is no fee to receive a valuation either online or at any of our showrooms.

    • What constitutes a watch having 'papers'?keyboard_arrow_right

      'Papers' indicates the original guarantee certification, filled out at the time of purchase which features the model number, serial number, date and retailer stamp/name and address.

    • I received a valuation online a few months ago, is it still valid? keyboard_arrow_right

      No, please submit the description and information again either online or visit one of our showrooms.

    • How will I receive payment for my watch? keyboard_arrow_right

      If you give us your details online you can choose one of the following payment options:

      • Cash payment direct to your bank account following assessment of your watch.
      • E-voucher sent direct to your email account.

      If you visit one of our showrooms you can choose one of the following payment options:

      • Cash payment direct to your bank account following final assessment of your watch.
      • Gift card/Part exchange.
    • What if I wish to part exchange my watch? keyboard_arrow_right

      The option to part exchange your watch for another product is available to you if you visit one our showrooms to get a valuation of your watch.

    • How long will I have to wait for payment? keyboard_arrow_right

      Once our Pre-Owned department has received your watch, our aim is that you will receive payment within 5 working days.  This includes an expert assessment of the watch and the final valuation offer sent to you via email.

    • How do I send my watch to you and who is responsible for my watch whilst it is transit to you? keyboard_arrow_right

      Packaging and postage instructions and guidance are provided for you at the end of your online journey. Please note, we recommend obtaining sufficient postage insurance to cover the value of your watch prior to sending your package.

      We are unable to accept delivery by hand at our head office. Should you have any queries or concerns regarding this, please contact our customer experience team on 0800 111 4116.

    • Do I have to accept the Terms & Conditions? keyboard_arrow_right

      Yes, you must accept the T&Cs before we can offer any valuation of your watch.

    • I bought my watch second-hand, what happens if it turns out to be stolen? keyboard_arrow_right

      We are legally obliged to inform the police and retain the watch until given instructions by the authorities. We will inform you if this should be the case.

    • I live outside of the UK, can I use the Pre-Owned website? keyboard_arrow_right

      No, you must live within the UK and have a UK bank account.

    • Can I complete a part-exchange or use a gift card at one of your airport terminal showrooms? keyboard_arrow_right

      No, at this time you are unable to complete a part-exchange, or use a gift card in our showrooms located in airport terminals.